Last day of the month. got up turned the computer on after getting laundry together, sit down start looking at forum, allready up to late for the 10 am PT tourney. Around 11:40 am PT power goes out, put battery into computer, and cable is also out!! Well easy decision, guess I wont be playing, I have met the goal of beating Julys standing, as long as I don't play, but is that right? I want to play, Power back on in time for the 5pm PT game and if I mess that up I still have the 7pm PT game to attempt a reprieve. If necessary. August score is 1825 and I am in 122nd place. # of Games _____ July Score 130th place. # of Games _____ Now that I know, I would like to hit 1850 and maintain during September and lower my standing, be consistent and improve on what I think I have learned.