Well 2 days left: July finished 130th: August trying to get there, lol I am on page 4 but need to get to page 3. 2 more finishes will do it or not??? Played in the 2nd pso battle tourney, it was good but grounded out by a donkey play, oh well, just because you are playing with who u think are the elite, Not a donkey player just the play and some one did comment that they thought they left that in the other league, But who knows, he maybe wanted to leave at that moment or someone bugged him at home anyways my KK got shot down with J 7 off suit, all in flop gives up a Jack and the river gives him the 7, lol I think he just thought he could shove me off the BB, as every one else had folded, I wish I had shit and I would have folded shit as J 7 off suit, lol: any ways long story short : I was pissed off, then I got over it and yakked with him and wished him luck. As they say I could have folded, he could have had AA, but I am rather passive a lot and do get shoved off of a lot good hands. Result is I learned more tonight with the pso drills that will make me a better player. Really happy that they had 50 or so people show up for this tourney Looking forward to next Sunday a great bunch of people, And Ubet IFold is so funny.