I made risky and dangerous plays during the early stages of some PSO tournaments that took place the first two weeks of this month. My purpose with this was experimentation in the beginning, and evolved into A challenge. I wanted to see just how far i could come back in the last ten days of the month, from a HUGE deficit (almost 400 pts.!). It turns out I got an added little benefit from these questionable moves.....Everything thinks I don't have a clue what I'm doing! Now, that just might be true. Perhaps I am a master in my own mind. Results speak for themselves. So it is my goal to earn hundreds of points in days. I am up over 150 in the first 5 days of this challenge. I will also take the competition seriously next month from day 1, and we will let those results speak for themselves. ** I have a problem with some of the behavior and name calling that occurs here. This is POKER SCHOOL. That leads me to believe people are here to LEARN. Tell a player that he/she has made a bad call, but don't put them down. Just because someone doesn't know how to play cards does not mean they aren’t quite smart, nor should they be berated for their inexperience. By our high poker standards, Bill Gates is a donk. The labels idiot or moron do not apply here. I think a little courtesy at the table could go a long way in life.