There are a few things in life that seem constant.  One of those things is my love / hate relationship with poker.   I think all of us learn to play cards at a young age, and I can remember playing dueces wild poker when I was probably 5 or 6, so very long ago.   It's odd to say, but poker has been around all of my life.

Like many people, I graduated to poker nights with friends.  Play a lot of games, drink stuff, eat stuff... just having fun and driving each other crazy for pennies really.   On my second or third trip to Las Vegas (out of maybe 300-400 trips) I found poker and have played every since, sort of.

My problems with poker are not one of losing money and getting out of it, rather one of disconnect from time to time.  I played in casinos and then stopped when I wasn't getting to Vegas as much, and then again when online poker came around I was busy in the game until it started to get harder and harder to get money into the sites.   During that time I played some in Vegas, cashed on some small tournaments but stayed away from the big action.

A few years ago, my life took a weird turn as I moved to Asia.  I now live a bit more than an hour's travel to Macau, and it lovely casinos.  But even that has had it's ups and downs, I was playing weekly untl schedule conflicts kept me away again.  It doesn't help that Macau's poker world has been decimated many times over by gaming commision rules that make it very hard for Casinos to keep poker rooms going.  Even pokerstars has found itself moving around from place to place, trying to keep the doors open with a Casino that would permit them enough tables to make it worthwhile.  Only now with electronic (no dealer) poker tables have they been able to do that with any success, the setup at City Of Dreams is not bad and looks to be improving over time.

The real benefit for me is that Pokerstars Macau has about a half a dozen tournaments each year, ranging from fairly small regional deals to the famous Red Dragon and Baby Dragon (coming up starting 5 days from when I write this).

So I joined up the poker school online to enjoy the daily tournaments and to learn things that I either already know only from experience, or have never been able to overcome.  There is plenty of eye opening stuff, it's very enjoyable and certainly educational.

Anyone else from Macau?