" We learn, we play, we grind hard, we sleep and repeat. "

Hello grinders,

We wake up every morning thinking about the 'one big day', looking at the pair of aces in an inflated pot. We wake up to be the Sunday Millionaire, to be the million dollar spin and goer. We always dream big and bang when the opportunity presents itself.

Today I am going to talk about playing perfect and keeping up with the variance. Everybody knows how to play perfect poker. We bet when we have it and fold when we don't. Playing perfect is that simple. The most interesting aspect, though, is variance. How to keep up with the variance? How to improve our odds of winning? Simple science points out that good things attract goodness. Now the question is what good things we can do in poker? Poker is a social game, its life like game. In order to excel in life, we must aim towards normality first, so that we get out from the negativity and spiral up with the help of positivity.

The key is enjoying life which is a game in itself. You excel in one and all the doors will open. Be good, do good and goodness will follow.