Almost a year ago i got a gift, my first deposit on PS. "I think this is someting for you", my ex said. And he was right.

i love poker..

i played the 50ct turbo's without a clue, then i found PSO...i watched, i read and learned. i found new forms of poker. i had good runs and bad beats..i cursed and called others idiots (but never in chat)..

but the more i learned, the more i found out that i was the idiot..

So i tried to find My Poker..My Style, My Game..

Now, ive found it and i want to share..

First of all i love all the stuff on PSO and want to say a big thank you to all the trainers and pro's who take the time to teach us..

But, i'm going against the norm..

My Bankroll is not what it should be for the games i play..i really can't help it. i just don't have the money to start with a proper bankroll...and i don't mind..

My ex is a very good tournement player..i'm not, not ok in tournements but my heart lies with the cash games..6 max NL and Omaha..

But what do you do when you don't have the bankroll?? well ive tried to grind it up in SnG' doesnt work for me..

Yesterday i watched a training session by felixx and it hit me..i want to play 6max..but i don't feel comfertable playing a 100BB stack.. sure i know i can win more, but i can also lose more..and i tilt when i lose 2 buks when my Aces get cracked by T2s (All In Pre)..

What do i do now? i play with a 50BB stack.
i feel comfertable this way and it shows! i had great sessions today and won about 5 dollars in total!

My game: 6max no-limit (50BBstack), Omaha (50BBstack)
My Style: LAG (but it differs from table to table)
My Poker!

o yes, i do love them suited connectors:mrgreen: