Hi everyone this will be my first blog post so please bear with me if this will take long, anyways I am Raul, i've been playing poker since 2006 but only the past couple of years when I started to play it seriously and started to study and learn so that maybe in the not so distant future I can be a poker pro or poker player wannabe.

Anyway I just want to share my two cents on playing against maniacs at Open league. After I have played around 50 tournaments this month in the open, I observed and noticed the playing habits and styles of most maniacs and donkeys I played with specially in the early phase of the tourney. In fact I observed that they play all the same all the time.

Most of the maniacs doesn't want to be raised, if anyone do so they always shove their chips with anything from garbage hand to any possible starting hands, then came the donkeys after the maniacs shoves will automatically calls any hands that they thought is great like the suited cards, offsuit connectors etc.

But then after awhile when they noticed that nobody's playing their bingo style poker they tend to settle down and play somewhat real poker game. This is when I came up with an idea of playing passive and just limping hands like AK, AQ, JJ and other marginal hands except for AA KK and QQ which I usually raise or shoves depending on my stack, the idea was to get to the flop as much as possible without triggering the maniacs all-out bingo war attitude, of course the donkeys will still be there so most of the time you will be facing against 3-5 players post-flop but now it is easy to asses how strong your hand is, because if you hit something on the flop and you bet even with min/raise, most of the time, those who have nothing will fold, those with something will call and those who have strong hands wil re-raise you so its easy to decide if call or fold.

After doing this for some rounds, most of the time I end up having a good chip stack, usually above average on the first break, it also means that i am already in a good scoring position and it is now very manageable to make it to top 400 or more.

Although not a 100% guarantee that the result will always be in my favor every tourney, but at least now I have somewhat found a playing style against them (maniacs/donkeys) which unlike before, when I played with their style of playing aggresive, I just end up being so frustrated after suffering from those sickening bad beats, which in turn makes me on tilt resulting to many more frustrations and bad decisions hence affecting my bankroll, my rankings and ruining everything I planned before the start of the month. 

But now, Im starting to enjoy playing again and no longer have the fear of suffering from bad plays by such players thus follow good results, my bankroll is up and my Open league ranking is up as well from 7k+ on the 1st week I am now at 205 and hoping that I can make it to the top 50 by the end of this month.

Until next time! Good Luck!