First hand played after the break I get Jacks. 3x BB raise one caller.  It is the same player that got a lucky river card on me early in the tourney.

I had KT in small blind and the flop went TxThAh. Pot sized caller...then the villain raised himself all in.  I raised all in to chase the other caller out and he folded.

Showdown is my KhTs v. villain's Qh4h. Turn 6c...River...5h. Dang it.

I wasn't involved in another key hand for this particular guy later in the hour.  I was BB with 99, he was facing a preflop raise of 600 (3x BB).  He calls.  SB & I both fold.  Flop of J 10 10.  The preflop raiser went all in after that flop and forced the button to go all in for a call.  There was a call.  The original raiser had KdQd...The button had J-10 off.

Back to my last hand of the 2pm tourney.  The one where I had JJ in UTG +1.  The same flush & full house catching player called my raise from the BB.  Flop of 2 6 K. I move all in because I figured that he was just protecting his BB.

He calls and flips over KcTd and the board runs out with blanks. And I was out in the upper 500s to a player that probably should have been out in the first twenty minutes.

It all evens out in the end because if you read that last post of mine, I never should have made it as far as I did.

This loss ends my streak of three straight PSO Skill league cashes.

Probably going out to play live tonight.

Back at it tomorrow along with the Twittler Poker League. If you haven't tried that one yet you should.  Just follow @tpokerstars on twitter.  You can get the tournament number there.