No. Seriously.  I should have been out before the money bubble when I was UTG and had 1BB left.  I decided that I was going to go out on my own and not get blinded out.  I shipped K8 off and caught about six callers.  J56 on the flop...7 turn...9 river!

Then, I caught QQ and no one called my all in and I cruised to the money.

Later I got AK and the big stack in the big blind thought I was trying to buy it and he doubled me up.

After that, I got AK in the BB and called an all in that was A9.  Won that hand too.

Went card dead after that and didn't have much, but considering that my goal after folding QQ before the first break was to  lose as few points as possible a 53rd place finish and picking up points is just fine with me for the noon tournament.

In the 2pm tourney, I am just over my starting stack with the break about to start.