I slacked off in the second half of November and didn't play the PSO Skill League tourneys much.  Going to change that here in December.  Hopefully writing about it will help.

December started out in a horrible fashion.  I was out 1118th in the 7pm CST and 1163rd in the 9pm CST tournaments.  No excuses. I played bad...really bad.   I deserved to lose the 25 points that I did.  I deserved to start my two 12/2 tournaments in place number 4,150 out of 4658.

So, December 2 meant that I had my work cutout for me.  Played tight in the 7pm and was almost out a couple of times.  Then, I picked up a few hands and scraped my way to a cash.  Then, I started hitting hands.  The key one was staying in on a nut flush draw and catching it on the turn to build up a nice chip stack.

Had to laugh later in the tournament when a guy was convinced I had called his 3x the BB preflop raise with AQ  from the small blind and got him to fold after the turn with a good sized bet.  (Psst. I had Ah9h and that was the third straight time you had raised with me in the blind. I just got sick of folding to that aggression and called...I do that...sometimes.).

Was the shortstack most of the way from last 50 to last 13, but hung on with some patience.  Got very lucky when the eventual winner knocked out two bigger stacks at my table and I snuck on to the final table.

Knocked out in 8th place when KQ<77.

I think my final stats were 220 hands dealt and I played 18% of them.  Should probably keep track of that.

The 9pm tournament, was pretty much the same story early as I played tight and wasn't picking up much.

Won a few hands and was surprised to still be playing as we approached the second break.  Almost went out before the bubble as I was down to two BB w/ A6 off from UTG.  Raised all in and got two callers.  No ace and no six, but the big stack bet after the turn and scared the other caller off.  He had K9 and didn't hit anything either.  I tripled up on that hand and cruised through the $$$ bubble.

Second hand after the break I was dealt AcKc and had 3BB left in early position.  I got four callers.  Two other players were all in and the big stack at the table called, too.

The hands were AK; AJ, A4, 99.  The A4 was the shortest stack and the AJ had just 2BB left.  A4 got a 4 on the flop.  AJ Ngot a J on te river and there were no nines.  I was out in 163. Disappointed to be out, but much happier with my play tonight.

It will be interesting to see how many spots I jump in the rankings.

Next decision is: Do I return tomorrow night to play 7pm and 9pm or go out and play live tomorrow night?  If I do play live on Friday night, I may see how many of the Saturday PSO Skill Leagues I play.