My first encounters with the poker world happened in may 2008 playing with friends in non competative games for low buyins.I really enjoyed the experience but had no knowledge or grasp of even the basics of poker. These games occured over the next year probably about once a month, this amount of play was not enough for me so i soon turned o the internet for my 'kicks'. It was then that i realised that there was so much more to the game other than 'i thing he is bluffing because he just took a deep gulp' i had opened up a world of forums,blogs,e books,video tutorials and fast paced live online play. I was hooked. My poker 'career' then consisted of me putting the odd 20 dollars in here the odd 20 dollars there and seeing how i got on.Obviously i did not do good so i soon realised that it was not a game of luck and that i needed to seriously think of looking in depth at all the poker resources that i knew were only a click away! So i have know reached a level in my poker 'career' that i have read countless articles and watched numerous videos read books and forums.I have been honing my skills on the felt and am starting to feel adept at playing 6-9 man sng's. My money 'situation': I have recently decided to go back to college and study engineering and have left my previous employment .This means that my poker account can no longer be subsidised every week by me depositing money into it.And so that leads me onto why my bankroll is so important to me. I love the game and if i want to continue playing i need to nurture my $50.00.So from here on in i am going to be empossing strict playing rules on myself and start to get serious about playing in the hope of increasing my bankroll and moving up the limits. I am going to keep this blog mainly as a diary for myself so that i can chart my progress (non statistcly) So then on the 29/08/2010 RANKLER88 starts to grind fingers crossed