Well the title says it all... I've never blogged before and am not sure on how to post blogs on this site.   Do I create a new one each time?  Anyway, I'm kinda excited cause in a matter of days iI have moved up from 24.000 something to 3661 (which should go up after this posting, tourney is still running).  I've still got alot to learn but the couses at PSO have made a drastic change in my play, though, i continue to make the same mistake.  I continue in hands refusing to admitt I'm beat when somehow I know deep down that I am.  It usually comes at a point late in the money rounds and I end up exiting.  I think its a ego thing and I'm sure that experience is the only thing that will help me with that.  Any of you more experienced players care to shoot me some advice?... Oh,  and anyone care to give me pointers on my way around this site,  I can't seerm to get the knack of computers,   LOL.   Have a good one, see you on the felt