My past 2 blogs have been extremely negative due to (in cricket terms) a bad sledger hitting on me.
On a much more positive note I've played 3 games today - all SNG's (which is where I'll be residing from now on)...well away from the MTTs which are just too harrowing and strenuous for a disabled granny just here to have a good time.
3rd place in a turbo 6 (got so used to 9 knockouts that I thought I'd cashed and played way too loose - stupid of me), 5th in a 9 knockout but enough bounties to cover my game well enough. then well cashed in on another 9 knockout 4/5 bounties, maybe even 6 and a 2nd place payout.
TY again Ovalman...your words kept echoing in my head and like falling off a horse I thought - I've got to get back in there and be positive. Can't let one bad experience ruin my hobby/recreation so, for now at least, I'm here to stay.