Sorry they came 2 late 4 me - see pervious blog...I can't do this anymore. Poker is/was just something to keep a disabled Grandma occupied (an escape from reality) but I'm not mentally strong enough to cope with these nasties. They invade my dreams/nightmares as well as being at the table.
I WAS having fun but this may well be my last blog - not been near the tables since and am mentally very unstable - didn't take much to tilt me personally.
May come back to see if anyone else feels the same about bad ass comments 'n' yes - if I'd have known I could report this one I wouild've was way beyond a joke!
I use comments to compliment people on their played hands - not continually slag them off. I don't need to pay for that, enough peeps do it in everyday life anyway.
Disappoionted and cashing out!