OK Guys,
I'm on a pretty even keel at the moment with a good bankroll and playing a mixture of levels/types of SNG's and I can play the game a dream sometimes (lady luck calling) and foul play at others (wrong mood to be playing really).
Playing poker whilst sitting on the highs and lows of bipolar disorder can be very, and I mean extremely (to the point of ending it all), difficult.
Decided to give the micro entry level MTTs a shot...am playing almost every game (within reason...I did sleep 5 hours). Have bagged 2 places on the biggie but am still registered for more today just for practice.
Whether I've got the stamina to last the course will depend on how the rest of today goes.
SNG quiz - still haven't got it beat???????
Ah well - you can't have it all.
Lucky playing all.