1st hand in SNG earlier - UTG went straight all in so I folded a pair of 7s...he/she was called by a mid player and everyone else folded. Hole cards shown - UTG had 2.7offsuit, mid player had A,6 again offsuit. The flop didn't help either of them but turned up a 7 by which time I could've cried - trips!
End result UTG out on 1st hand beaten by Ace high hand who'd doubled up on his/her chips.
Who said anyone had to play by the poker 'etiquette' rules?
Rest of the bunch were pretty OK play wise and the mid DONK did eventually lose out his/her early advantage to the rest of us.
Answer - don't moan about it unless you reach the point where you're actually losing money to them, after all, maybe they thought they were playing high/low???
Take a deep breath and move on.
BTW...same game got my very first Ace quads - very nice babies!