OK, am struggling with the tutorials but have let that get in the way of me actually playing which is surely what I'm really here for so last night I thought I'd live my dream instead of reading it.
Got myself sat at a 6 fast table with $120, mixed bunch of players, two of them I watched very carefully, both (I thought) passive but then realised that they were the two raking in most of the chips with me coming in third.
Pardon my defective brain for not being able to recall the exact hands but tried to stay cool when I lost on a flush that I thought had the loose guys beat (just shows, you never can tell). My money was well down to about $30 after two hours and I had a GOOD hand so went all in and 'thank goodness' got myself back up to my $120 plus a few $$$.
Sat out on a few hands whilst I made a drink, had a cig etc. and returned with the mother of all headaches (probably the result of extreme concentration) and within 15 mins was back down to $40 when I realised that I'd overstretched myself and pulled out.
Know my limits (time and concentration)