OMG...going back to school is like a death threat to me as I mostly played hookey when I was supposed to be at school. Having said that I pulled my socks up and got myself 2 mature student certificates - 1 in Sciences and the other in Math & Computing.
The trouble is that was b4 I had a breakdown and was diagnosed with MDD (major depressive disorder) and chronic anxiety about 18 years ago. I have since had several sessions of ECT and numerous medications which have all dulled my brain and memory so poker is a BIG move for me as it means that I HAVE to learn and remember. Even reading presents problems but I don't give up easily...even if it means taking 'baby' steps.
I managed the Basic and Core course quizzes with flying colours...hopeful? No - the SNG course is giving me all sorts of problems and making me think that I shouldn't be playing at all. When I do play it's very erratic (possibly making me very hard to read) but I am enjoying myself and, more importantly, am winning more often than I'm losing...whether by luck or the 'god of cards' is on my side I'm not sure.
Think I need a 'private mentor' - oh, of course, I have one...he's called my psychiatrist! lol