I really don't know how I 'fell' into the 'play poker' route. I've always been a bit of a gambler and grew up playing gin rummy for matchsticks. As I grew up I learned the art of Cribbage which I frequently played at work during lunch time.
I am now a lot older and none the wiser but disabled and bored so...
Recently I found myself on all the bingo sites there are and from there came slot machines and so I started looking up Casinos. I suddenly realised that there was no skill to any of this, only luck, and most of it not in my favour...well the sites are there to make money aren't they?
Then I saw 'Poker' on one of the casinos and 'bingo' I was buying books, poker sets, cool card sets and asking everyone 'can you play Poker?'.
At least I stand some kind of chance of gaining some money back instead of losing it all the time.
I have tried several sites but some just hang my PC, others have casinos and slots attached (not a good idea for me) but my daughter's half sister plays on pokerstars and it came highly recommended.
I immediately downloaded it and made a deposit and the recent addition of mobile (iPad) app has made me grin from ear to ear :-D as I can sit comfortably on my sofa and play. Made my day guys!!!
Although I am still taking 'baby' steps I have to admit...I'm totally and utterly hooked!
This site is definitely my favourite STAR in the sky! :-D :-D :-D