Okay, I was playing in a micro no limit hold 'em game the other day. Blinds were 0.05/0.10. I was on the button wit $3.20 in chips. My main opponent was in the BB with $3.70 in chips. I looked down at a raggedy A: Ah 4d. I knew this was my last hand of the day because I had a commitment to pick someone up at the airport and it was nearly time to leave. I called the BB. I was perfectly willing to toss this hand into the muck. The BB checks his options. The flop comes Ad 5d 5s, a good flop for me. The BB checks, a probing bet of 0.30 comes from the UTG and everyone else folds to me. I call as does the BB. I begin to think that my 2 pair are perhaps good. The turn comes Ac. I am pretty sure I have the nuts the BB checks and I bet 0.75 into a pot of 0.75 making the pot $1.50. The BB calls. I announced that I had a real hand and would have been quite happy to take the pot down at the turn but that was not to be. The river is a meaningless Qh and while this might have been a problem if the BB held an AQ there was no indication that this was the case from his betting pattern now or in the past. I kept hearing the old saw, weakness indicates strength and strength indicates weakness but I didn't think that my hand was anything other than the nuts at this point. The BB checks one more time. I shoved. He calls and turns over fives full of aces...second best to my aces full of fives. I took home a whopping $7.27 from this play. The mistake the BB made was to not bet his trips on the flop. He held a 5h Jc and he flopped the trips. Had he bet and not checked I may have gone away depending on the strength of his bet, But he didn't and when he slow played his trips by merely calling he was representing a drawing hand or perhaps 2 pair. I had two pair with a rag kicker. But he didn't act aggressively. I took control of the betting on the flop and his call insured I would see one more card. That card gave me the nut full house and gave him the second full house. I am not sure why he didn't put me on an ace but he didn't and that move provided me with a very nice profit. I left the game well ahead and picked up my friend at the airport and had a great dinner. This play drove home the benefits of aggressive play and solid hand analysis when sitting at the poker table,