Getting in the mood for some serious poker action. Not really knowing when dinner's ready, 6-man hyper-turbos that end in 10-15 minutes are the perfect tournaments to kill the waiting time. They're also good as a mental warm-up before moving on to 9-man SnGs and MTTs.

Registration is the most annoying part of grinding hypers. You can only register for 4 tables at once. Then the tables start to pop up while you're trying to open more tournament lobbies so that the registration often closes before you get all the necessary clicks in. Tables fill so quickly at micro stakes. As it happens, you often miss the beginning of the first few tournaments as you're still trying to register for more. 

Six tables has turned out to be the most convenient and effective tournament load that I can deal with on my computer. I've tried 8 and more but as they don't really fit my screen too well I end up missing lots of action at the tables that way, not to mention the shuffling and reshuffling that happens to all the tables as new tournaments start. Tile them, stack them, or resize and re-position them all you want but there's no way to view more than six on a 1366x768 display.

Action-wise, six tables are ideal for the impatient mind that craves for a hand to play. When you're playing six tournaments at a hyper speed, there's always at least one table with a hand or position to play - and the action gets better as the tournaments progress. With some skill and lots of luck, you might end up playing heads-up at six tables. That's a real test for your multi-threading skills. 

Game over. Taking it as a 6-game 6-table warm-up, I'm not registering for the next tournament as one finishes. That allows me to pay more attention to the end-game at the tables where I survive the longest, and what's more, if you lose all 6 tables it's a chance to look back, reflect. and maybe learn from your mistakes, rather than rebuy and keep losing more. 

Six tables finished.

Dinnertime. Food tastes better as your bankroll gets fatter.