Never posted a blog before in my life.  Decided to give it a try after receiving an email suggesting a free ticket to the PSO USA COOP Qualifier Blogger FREEROLL ($440 Added). 

Things a Scotsman will dae fer a freebie.

No got a clue what ahm dain or whit tae say.  Guess it's just like an open diary and an area to vent anger, surprise, frustration, sadness and happiness, all emotions that can be felt at the poker table and daily life in general.

 However, unlike in life you are more likely to suffer all of the above emotions within a five hour spell at the poker table (Whars ma Prozac/Valium/Temazepam?) than you are going about your daily routine.


Even the deef have heard o Rabby and the blind, unfortunately, have seen him play.