Not happy with my progress so far, only 2 games yesterday.

In the last game i was doing good, had won 2 big pots with AA and sat with 7k. And lost almost all with ATh later on. Maybe i shld of sat out the rest of the game with 7k, or fold everything and time it out and try to place good?
Ive noticed, with starting chips of 1500 and to just fold and use the timebank, its possible to place top 2200-2400.

My strategy isnt to win a pso skill league tournament, its more to place as good as possible and to gain points in each tournament. So then again, i was a bit dissapointed that i played the ATh hand, shld of just folded everything and only played the monster hands as AA KK and AK.

The hand i lost most of my chips:

My score so far...

Current league rank:     (Open) 1162 / 78913
Current league score:     1737.65

  • 01/13/2012     17:00     PokerSchool Open Skill League    No Limit    10000    2216    2.03    1735.62    1737.65
  • 01/13/2012     13:00     PokerSchool Open Skill League    No Limit    10000    1664    10.63    1724.99    1735.62