..And I do mean cheating lying duplicitous erronious misleading and outright decieptfull improper and erronious site called p stars ....cmon you fn lying bstards sue me I've tried to use all the words...pokerstars
...so for 2 years I have learned ...don't bet your hand @ the 20 min mark...u will loose.. regardless of what you have.every fn game and I time it now so I don't bust out.. pstars "oh by the way you will lose with your 90 to 1 hand edge 80 percent of the time.".and "oh by the way we support the russian bingo fest to the tune of we don't run a fair game but we'll label it variance "///// and yes I am incurring a CSIS /RCMP  investigation into my last 3 years of play ..PSO BINGO FEST LOL no skill there....and structured to prove it!!!!
....to the trainers in pso... I think you are some of the most knowledgable and committed teachers in the biz who have done their best...my live game has improved by 20 percent on your advice .... to support ...there is none better in the online universe and as a guy that deals with the public in ALL it's manifestations that's as high a praise as I can give  ..to the lying cheating coniving back stabbing bastards that actually run this JOKE of a site **** YOU and I'll see you in court... NO RESPECT HERE YOU ****ING LYING THIEVES ..am instigating a full ban in USA and Canada as of tomorrow with an official complaint to the federal juris prudence of my country and will include a documented appeal to the us justice dep/ to anull and deny the us re-entry into psatire land....and to the russian ..etc team play I hope they rape your ass in prison ..rediculous moron bingo ****s that you are I got you figured ...may Karma snap back and visit upon you 1200000 fold what you have wrought unto the really beautiful game ..no not football ..thats for kids ...but the mind game that is poker in all it's forms ...shame on you pstars for destroying the last true human art....soooooo sad ...but true ///// my parting words **** YOU.. I'll play live from now on because a bracelet from pokerstars is worth LESS than seal spit on a windy beach ... so publish this in the league blog   I DARE YOU ......no I don't want the money you stole from me back ..that's my mistake but I definitely want future investors to your online rigged coliapy to understand they are throwing their money away...for nothing ..and since I fully expect to be burnt on this .. lets make it clear..from 1980 to 1990 I paid my rent and groceries playing live poker for cash and raised 2 kids on the proceeds ...that's truth ..unfortunately your site is not.. so gl to all my friends and I'll see you in hell to all you fn lying duplicitous bastards that are ruling this farce..and I'm not inclined to forgiveness so you better hope I'm not looking down on you!!!  cheers all and gl unless you're part of the deciept that is PSTARS on purpose then by the devil I'll be there in hell waiting for my payback you biatches.. \have fun if you continue here cause "skill" lolololololol doesn't factor ///// cheers n peace out bro's n sters hope to finally meet in a game 1 day that's fair and we'll duel then gl @ the felts and may all your ups n downs be in bed    so I dare you ..admin to publish this ..it's how I think I've been treated @ your site and IN PUBLIC I give you permision to post ALL OF MY PSTARS PLAY FOR ANALYSIS in forum I am not a pro by any means but I can hold me own as the saying goes..pay special attention when anylizing to the times (IE 20 minutes to 38 minutes an 54 55 mins ) and esp set play hands where u have clear first and a donk in then run run suck out,,, nope I play live from now on and I'll shoot the SOB that cheats me in the true tradition of poker...OH and by the way you ignorant savages poker is a mathematical variant of canasta developed pre 6 th century in PERSIA not america and was based on log 13 ..so much for your poker history page... only 1000 years behind and wrong to boot...so again cheers thanks for the learning oportunity... Trust no one Take all you can Give nothing back....Jack Sparrow ...... THE PIRATE lol but I prefer a real pirate Ed Treach aka BLACKBEARD I'LL put my gold where only I and Satan can reach it and if you happen to find it you'll know who satan 's captain is!!