Haven't had a lot of time to spend in the pso world.  Mom's not doing well and it doesn't look good but at 83 she's had a good life and helped a lot of people through volunteer comunity service. 7 days a week and 8-12 hours a day feeding poor folks especially the kids.  Cheers MOM!!!
 Managed to get a few games in some for the Cowboy challenge and a couple of MTTs but family first...

I want to wish all of you, staff and players,  a healthy happy holiday season enjoy the time with family and friends while you can..... that being said I would like to post 2 results...

cowboys challenge

479033342                     48           - 1.50   0 kos     
479089927                     65            -1.50   0 kos
479547720                     51            -1.50   0 kos
479216282                     72            -1.50   0 kos
lost 6.00$   left                 10.57$  .....   I doubt I will have the time to complete the challenge this month so will pick it up fresh in January.....

PokerStars Tournament #481274680, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $0.25 USD
1352 players
$100.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $438.00 USD
Tournament started 2011/12/18 22:00:00 ET

Dear r0ck.carver,

You finished the tournament in 1st place. A USD 73.68 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 257.01 tournament leader points in this tournament. For information about our tournament leader board, see our web site at http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/tournaments/leader-board/


Thank you for participating.

was quite the battle but I stuck it out......    made my week

cheers all r0ck
merry hoho and all that stuff!!!