Had a meltdown of the machine a few days ago..... power supply and hard drive....managed to ressurect the mother board..woo hoo! Would have rather been able to resurect 8 months of detailed notes!!!
  All files on my hard drive are compromised and unrecoverable without some pricey intervention.....about 1200$ (lol ya right) plus the cost of restoring them to the new drive. All my own data (poker related and otherwise) gone. I can't begin to calculate the hours spent .... oh well.
 So that being said I am now storing the data files for the HUD and pstars on disk at the end of each session. So if anyone wants to learn from my mistake and save a lot of grief for themselves BACK IT UP on hard copy !!!!
 cheers r0ck
Good Luck to all as the end of the month draws nigh....and may your pocket aces always stand up!

ps anyone else have trouble getting PT3 to import files from pokerstars??? It's a new one for me and I can't get it to recognize pstars data.... pt support is no help as I am trying the free trial offer,and I don't want to commit till I know I like it and I am not fond of Holdem Manager. any advice would be appreciated!