All of you best be sure and thank Bindy and Bdogg for talking me into . I was and am not so impressed with the changes to our HALLOWED place in the sun lol. I am still of the oppinion that AA should win better than 50%  when all in PF but "WHATEVER" ....... that being said .... IT'S a MAD MAD WORLD out there in pso land.... first half of the month I was experimenting with some new and contravercial styles (yes I know but it's comercial and contraversial in 1 lol) ... so here it is   .... 70% advantage to play faster in the first 2 levels .... don`t slow down till 50 -100 maintain the tag through out and definitely keep NOTES ........It`s really good to know who the DONKS are. PS MAKE SURE YOU DATE THEM!!!!!!!!  it`s important!!!! Throttle back at 50 100 and start to use the clock to your advantage.... as this is when the lucky donks either feed or be fed upon ....
 In the last 2 days and for the rest of the month I am playing for points , IMDQueen.... ur insult while classless and undeserved ...was noted at least you`re not an entire waste of skin LOLOLOL.(ps UR Canadian queeny show some frikkin class)
     20000 places in 1 day folks  ICE I`M COMING TO VISIT YA     Good luck all and may your pocket ACES always stand up!!!:lol:   and a group hug and best wishes to the old guard and the new (lol)
The new league rating by R0ck 8.5 out of 10   ....... good job !   (special thanks to all of the tech`s in the back ground for the hard work ...and the staff at PStars for your patience and dedication! to make this happen)