Well folks just played my first NEW league game and I must say I am not impressed..... 9600+ and it was to 6600 in 12 minutes with 99 the best starters to win at the table I was playing. Got busted with AK suited on the button by 25 off and 6 runners(78 off/8J suited/25 off/33/my AKs/Q2 s...lol) at the pot....and while this happened in the old league once in a while it seems that it will be the rule the new format. I am going to try 1 or 2 more games to see for sure but it may be my swan song for the league games. I won't spend 4-5 hours (7000 + runners) playing BINGO when I want to play poker. 
Congratulations to all the winners for June Esp. the friends I have made here .... and good luck for July!!!
 Hopefully the bingo players will get tired and move on so we can get back to POKER lol!!!
cheers ....r0ck.carver