hi , all.,



im im here 2 inform u  , well not u poor country russian ukrain, brazilns,,and all poor country moronrs,whch get ps -wellfare,

to warn uu this site is really rigged, im not dayin how i know...

som u even can find , of probrammes admitting its a scam,  spokes man for ps, admit it...

alsoa former ps programmer..who just did the right thing and   flippeed ps as for scammin.


(remember..tjhis i the dude who wrote it!!!!)

its time to take this money-grabbing-scumm to put them outta bussiness


and  F   U  PS  ,with ur moron e-mails....d u believe urself its random??/


for uits just holding ur jobs well f-ing other ppl.


u should all die a terrible horrfiv death...and   ohhh do i want to witnes it.


u f=ing thiefs..hope u all die sow painfull , and ur childern and there children 2!!!!



soo a BIG F  U  for rippin of ppl for some profit....