Start off by saying hello to everyone   Took the past year and half off from online poker started back up on the 15th of this month. Started in on the open skill league my goal was to make top 500 before the end of the month. Glad to say that ive gringed up to 306th place. that was of the start of yesterdays play racked up around 140 points the day before then the wheels fell off!!!! lost around 75 points yesterday in the 4 opens i played took a big fat - Today has been a continuation of yesterday so far today been KO in everygame before making the money going like this 1 AQ vsAJ lose as he gets the jack on the turn KO 2. KK vs 88 he turns wait oh yes the 8 KO 3. AA vs QQ vs KJ and yes rivered by another shocker Q river KO 4. AKh vs J4d and yes i floped my ace with 1 d out there and the just runs out dd not loving the beyond cold strech been on.... well just needed to let it out GL all see u on the felt