How many people here actually care how they rank at end of the month? From what I can see they are few but the most of them say ( ITs a FreeRoll / if your such a pro why are you playing in a freeroll) which just makes them look even more of an idiot. Not calling them idiots as a person just in a poker sense. I bet over half the people that are PSO members dont even know whats at stake at the end of the month. And if they do and still play like donkeys thats just plain stupid. its like telling someone (hey im going to give you a chance to win tousands of dollars, but you have to do good at one certain thing for a month and you will have that chance) OK who wouldnt want that. do something that doesnt cost ya a dime and can win money. Any person with any common sense what so ever would. so what does that tell me/ there is alot of people here that doesnt have any common sense.