This site is free now? OMG here we go/ Knew i was seeing alot of new faces. In my opinion I think it has hurt this site. Bringing in all these people for free. Where is the money going to come from to pay out the Sps. That question was ask when Fleet started, and look at what happended to it. The free thing just gives people more reason to play stupid poker. And I bet alot here are saying right now (dont ya want people to play stupid so you can gain from it?) Yes somewhat you are right, but stop and think for a second. How great of a chance does a good poker player have of staying alive in a tourny when there are 8 people at the table that play every hand and call everydraw. Its kinda like when you are the short stack at the final table when your allin agaisnt 5 people, odds are totally agaisnt you. Well its like that every hand cause no matter what those people are going to see a flop, chase every draw, or even call with 1 over. I just think you turned a 70% skill 30% luck game into a 90% luck 10% skill. Just because of the people that are here just because of the free thing that just started 85% of them could care less if they win or lose. Its free so why care.