I thought this was a place to practice and get better. I have ran across alot here that seems like they could care less if they do good or not. Any body serious about this game wouldnt play the way some here do. I cant see the point in paying a membership fee just to come here and be stupid. I know some here know exactly what I am trying to say. Look at this as a sport ( which it really is). Well in any kind of sport you have to practice to get better. (RIGHT)? In high school when you played baseball, basketball, football or whatever, did you goof off in practice? The answer is most likely no. You wanted to excel in the game so everytime you practiced you gave it your all to prepair yourself for the games to come. Well the same goes for here. Why play stupid, why waste the money on membership, why goof off at practice.... Heres one of the most common sayings here (well it was suited wasnt it?) Well maybe so but figure it up. Out of all those suited hold cards how many times did you complete that flush? I can answer that, not near as many times as you did hit the flush. just stop and think about it for a second you have to hit 50% of them to maybe break even. You might hit it 20% of the time and that a big might. So what does that leave 80% of the time you completely miss. Its like some here dont look at this for the long haul they are just in it for that moment in time. they dont sit back and think all those times they missed and lost money. They just think about that one time they won a huge pot. But still down enough money to cure world hunger. And still continue to chase chase and chase. Heres another one i had outs and i was committed. (LOL) How in the hell are you committed to a hand that you only have 3 outs and your getting -2 to 1 on your money? Your not You call just for the luck factor. And god forbid if you hit your 3 outter you think you made the greatest call ever. Thats the funny part. practicing bad habits can only lead to bad habits them self. and you will never become anything in the world of poker. You live for the thrill just to suck out and then want to talk crap afterwards. But all of you that this relates to Keep playing stupid keep acting retarded cause you know what in long run you will end up broke and asking yourself what happended ( but I was doing so good at 1st then i hit a bad spell and couldnt hit anything) well folks thats math. Math doesnt lie never has and never will. So why set out to try to beat something that in the long run is unbeatable. YOU CANT BEAT THE MATH.