Yes, I just want to start with PSO is the best poker site to play byfar. There are alot of great players here, to make anybodys game better, and all the added bounes like the Sponsorship Points ( They're Great) I look at the SPs as being a bankroll that you can only use to play poker. Any successfull gambler will tell you that a seprate bankroll for gambling is a must. If not you are breaking into well needed money to play. I admit I am one of those, and I would probably garantee that i'm not the only one here that has no option either. If you want to play poker you find yourself digging into money that you accually need for something that you NEED. and if you win you cant save b/c of the simple fact your took away from something you needed therefore you have to put back what you took out then at start of all of this mess you probably didnt have enough money for whet you needed anyway so there goes the profit you made from the poker. Now your back to square1 having to take away from NEED to play poker. Its like a circle isnt it. Well here If you have a good game this site will end up paying you money to play, and its money in the bank that can only be used to play poker. Who knows 1 of us PSO'ers could have our picture on the wall one day Thanks to PSO. Now lets get started on Bad Play, I have seen quite a few here that it seems they could care less if they win or lose. (Ex. Seeing every flop on matter the bet, pushing allin 1st hand of the tourny, (WHY?) calling allin after flop early with nothing but Ace high/2 outters/inside str8 draws,(even with an up and down str8 draw you are only looking at 8 outs, even with this it is not good to call it all when you are no where near Short stacked. In long run you will lose. But I see it over and over again the same people playing the same way. Good example at the NL ring game This is a 1/2 NL game. Ok you have people calling $25 preflop with garbage like 7/3 os. Flop comes K/3/A ok $50 in pot 7/3 checks inital rasier put out a bet of $45 7/3 insta calls, $140 pot, turn J- 7/3 checks raiser bets $120 7/3 insta calls again, $380 in pot, River 3, ok now 7/3 bets allin for $30 Ok the inital preflop raiser is holding AKs and in a $410 pot how can you not call $30 with top 2. well he calls just to see his floped top 2 AKS was 2 outted by 7/3os. its a sicking feeling isnt it. Well to top it off the 7/3 os guy thinks hes god and played it perfect. You decide to ask how he played that and he says back all you had was 2 pair how do you play it like that. LOL him thinking again he played his lousy pair of 3s 7 kicker better than you played your top 2. Where are the odds to call like he did? Anyone know? Cause I do not. I see this bad play alot here and it seems to be rewarded alot. I get 2/3 4/ outted all the time. And very seldom can i even hit when i am str8 flushing with 2 over cards to baord. Now that is 23 potential outs. say at a full table of 10 every one had 1 of your outs and the 1st burn was one too thats still leaving you with 12 outs with only 28 cards left in deck after flop thats almost half the deck that can give you the winning hand. thats great odds. But like i said i hardly ever hit that draw. But as soon as im up agaisnt tryin to dodge 3 outts BOOM it hits. Like i was saying at the begining PSO has alot to offer to people that actually want to be a good poker player. ALOT TO OFFER. Just look at YeahDonkey he was a member for about 3 or 4 months i think and he won a "09" WSOP main event seat. WOW! I just dont think some of these people here understand what PSO can do for them and their game, and some here that just doesnt care they are here just to waste their time and money for membership. Doesnt make any sence to me what so ever, but oh well. I think my game is good but not great yet. And I have been told by alot that have actually played poker with me that my game is good. Some here ? that, But trust me when I say this I can hold my own agaist anyone. Here's to the ones that want to make there game better, want to make it bid someday Good Luck remeber good practice only helps bad practice well goes with bout anyhting you do not just poker. BAD means BAD, And to those that dont care Take a look back and read about all this site has to offer If you still dont care. My opion you need to find another hobbie cause poker isnt a good one for you. Best of luck to whom that care to whom that doesnt LOL.