OK lets get on a serious note! Who here is going to risk $300 preflop in a $1 $2 cash game Preflop? Well i know for a fact numerous people here think that calling off $300 preflop with the AK is the correct play. Im sorry but i dont see it that way. $300 is 150 times the BB. (RIGHT)? You have nothing invested so you have nothing to lose. Even if you had limped in before you only have $2 invested. So how is it the correct call to make an extra $298 call on a draw hand. IT ISNT. So many here think that it is the correct play. And the funny thing is half of these people would do the same thing in live play. ( Because i have heard them say it before) ( yes i would call 300 preflop in a live game with AK. how can i fold AK) Have you ever heard someone say AK is a tricky hand. You usually either win a small pot or lose a big one. After seeing how people play AK here i can see how alot of people lose alot of money on that hand. But yet so many people tend to think that AK is the NUTS and they have to call no matter what. And in their heads they think they are makeing the correct over all call. Example: your BB holding AK someone goes allin for $300.( option 1) fold lose $2 (Option 2) risk another $298 on a draw hand. You gotta think your only getting 1 to 1 pot odds to call. So how is it possible that calling 150 times the BB on a draw hand the correct play? Yes you might get lucky 1 out of 5 times you make that call. but thats a losing situation all together in the long run. So if ya want to keep calling off your whole stack with AK go right ahead and do so. But just remeber when your digging in your piggy bank to make your house payment and still short. Look at all those $300 calls you lost holding the NUTS LOL AK.