Ok, ok, I am sooooooo flippin'  tired of bein' called a donkey, WOW, that's original, did you come up with that term on your own, or did someone help you???   



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See More About: Definition: If a poker player is called a 'donkey,' he's a bad player who makes blatantly bad poker plays. A weak player.

Donkey is also shortened to "donk" by many players to announce that they're playing badly or planning to, as in "I'm going to donk it up tonight." Also Known As: fish, pigeons Examples: Last time I was at the card room, I got a table full of donkeys -- no one knew how to play at all.

OK, I've looked and looked on Google and I can't find anything that gives me the history of where the term "donkey" came from. But, I did find this... 

By far the most extensively used new expression is "donkey," and it is commonly abbreviated as "donk." Donkey as an English slang word is a playful way of calling someone stupid. Similarly in poker, one use of the word donkey is to describe a player who does stupid things while playing poker. Many other older poker expressions like tourist, fish, or sucker have similar meanings, yet they seem to carry more demeaning connotations than donkey. Donkey is generally perceived as a friendly word, and few people I have run across have taken great offense at being called a donkey - whether it be for making a bad play or accidentally posting right in front of the big blind. Even I have been called a donkey at times for things I have done at the poker table, and I usually have gotten a good chuckle out of it. Lots of professionals will even refer to themselves as donkeys when they make a mistake, saying such things as, "I played that hand like a donkey," or sometimes they just let out a good heehaw (the sound a donkey makes). The poker term donkey is unique, though, in that it can be used not only as a noun or an adjective, but also as a verb.