Just like to say thanks to the idiots on my table for the abuse after going out in the pso league game. Special thanks to cd4488 who thought he had played the hand well to knock me out and told me i was beat fair and square???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????

I had KK in the small blind and raised to 160,big blind (cd4488) reraised to 360 everyone else folded to me. I re reraised to 720 he raised to 900. I figure i could be up against aces but am comitted now so push all in. Strangely he insta calls me so i sigh must be aces then only to see his cards 82 diamonds. J567 and then a 4 on the river to make him a straight and knock me out. Then to get abuse from idiots saying thats poker and he won fair and square is a bit wrong dont you think.