I have tried everything after going 3 days with out making the points. I have played only the category 3 or higher cards but couldn't hit without getting beat by a flush or straight. I tried playing Donk poker to see if I could get lucky for a hand or 2 to build up and then play safe again but could not suck out that way either. I have used time management to the max. Not clicking a button until the bar turns red. That did help last longer before I was taken out by the blinds and yet another river card. I dont believe the cards, site or anything like it is against me, but where do I go from here. I have been as high as 44th only to head right back down the crapper to 587. Then I crawled and scratched my way back to 56th, now I am probably back to the 500's if not worst. I think I have crashed in 12 games straight. Talking with other daily players and reading the blogs, we are all going through similar situations. So who is advancing if we are all struggling. There are only 4 days left in the month. Can I actually get back to some prolonged play before it ends.

Well as always, Good Luck to the serious players.