I had mixed results in the last 2 tours I played. The 1st game went better than the second. I finished 14th in the 1st game but was out of the 2nd almost as fast as it started. The same suited A K and an A 5 7 on the flop was looking good in the 3rd hand but lost over half my stack to a low stacked all in with 10 9o. Can you guess? 9 on the turn and 10 on the river. No cards after that and had to stay out of the hands until I was down to 240 in chips and an A 10s. All in and was busted out to pocket K's. No time in that game to try out much of any new things. The earlier game however had some good results. I could afford to play cards I would not normally play after I called an all in with A 9 suited against lower cards trying to steal the pot with 4 people in. Everyone folded around to me and I called. A quick double up in early stages really helps because you can play to the other players more often and the blinds are still low enough that there is minimal loss if you have to fold. I dont mean you should play in every hand but you can see a flop or 2 that you might otherwise fold with less chips. Doing this also adds a changing look for the other players to figure out. When you are hitting, play a few more hands and take advantage of your current streak. Of course you have to do the opposite when you cant find any cards to save your life.The next tour will start soon and I hope I can last long enough to put more things to the test. It is still early enough in the month to make up some points and get back to some better money. This may not be my month to win 1st place but I will place in the money!
As always...Good Luck to the serious players.