All decent players know that we must change up our play as we go along. Both to keep'em guessing and to combat against the other playing styles at your table. I watched several of the Sunday Millions, WSOP and other recorded tournements again to pick up on some of those different playing styles and hope to learn how to play against them. There are a few tells and actions I noted down so I could try them on the next tour game (Since I was out early in the last tour I had plenty of time to study up awhile). I have also read several books from some of the best players in the world. All of that advice only goes so far at the tables and you need to find the pieces that help YOUR game. Dont discount the other stuff because you may find that it helps to give your game a little boost when all that you have done to get where you are is now making you question if you know anything at all. The simplicity of the courses on this site are geared for the true beginner that needs a starting point. It is to bad that all those bad players only read enough to pass the test and reap havic on the rest of us that want to test our skills and play a good game.
The next tour is running and I am trying to apply my lastest and get past the points break.
As Always, Good Luck to all the serious players.