The first game of the day has come and gone for me already. I made it past the all in starters by folding every hand no matter how good I thought it was. I watched to see if my cards would have won and i might have won 1 of the 10 but even my pocket K's would have went down to a straight on the river. Most of my hands have been Q 2o or other garbage cards that I would not play anyway. I played a couple BB hands that I could check and got a small up twice and then a loss with A 10 suited to a short stack all in after the flop of A 7 9. Of course they win on the river with Q 7o and hit the trip 7's. So i fold again and again until I have A Qo in the BB and 3 bet to 450. I have 1 caller. The flop is A 4 5. The pot is 1250 so I am all in with my last 1055.
He calls me and I an sick to find he called my original bet with 2 3s. So I am out 415th out of 751. Another minus to my standings. I try not to let it bother me but wonder when will it end and if my fear of going out early is causing me to play different and creating my own demise.