I am creating this blog so myself and others can comment on their game by game results. I would like to know what hands you played that seem to be bad beats and how ofter they happen. Are you on a continual loosing streak after some good results of putting what you have learned to the test. How many games and or days has this affected your standings.

If you check my leaderboard standings you will see that I have a few days of decent play and then several days of what I consider a lesson in losing. Not that I never get cards to play each tour, but even the best of hands eventuslly go down to trash that gets lucky.

3 hands that cost me an early out:
1) I checked from the big blind with 97 suited to a limp in. The flop was J 10 8. I hit my straight and a flush draw with 1 more suited. I bet and was slow called. The turn had no affect so I bet again and again slow called. The river was A suited and I hit my flush only to be beaten by a bigger flush that was Q 2. Hard to see 2 good hands go to some one who should have never been in the hand.
2) I called a small bet with A K suited and hit the nut flush on the flop.  He goes all in and I call with a larger stack and of course the nutts. He shows his small pocket pair and wins with the turn and river cards to hit quads.
3) Finally I am short stacked (less than 8 big blinds) and am all in with pocket K's from early position. I get called with pocket 8's and they hit quads to put me out.