So far I'm liking the game of poker more and more, and I'm learning more each time I play.  I am so glad a lesson was put up about bad beats and not paying attention. the other day I was playing a sit&go game and everything was going well and I was playing pretty good playing the cards I felt had good odds in winning I had k3 suited and the other playing had a big hand  something like AK or AA off suit. K3 is one of my fav cards but I only like to play it when its suited I just fell that my odds are better and sure enough I won with my k3 I got a flush just like I thought I would, but I was called stupid and a fool by the other player for holding k3.  I saw this commercial with a pro by the name of Mercier he was holding something like 56 and the other player in the commercial was holding AA the flop had 2 six's and Mercier one with a set, and at the end Mercier says something like lady luck hangs with the ones that practice,  and I practice allot or as much as my personal life allows, and I try never to play If I'm having a bad day don't want to emotional gamble because I have a great deal of respect for the game.  I ended up winning the first part of the sit and go in first or second place the person I was playing with shoved all in with JA I had 56 of suite its a good combo sometimes I play it depending on what I'm up against and in this game I knew I would win because the player shoved all in because of anger I got a straight.  I hate I fed into the person by calling them a sucker when they lost because me winning was really enough.   I can't tell you how often I've been beat with two aces in my hands, every time I lose its a learning experience.  I also don't thing some people know what a donkey is. A donkey is, and I looked it up and I'm no donkey.  A donkey is a player that loses a lot of money or a maniac that goes all in no matter what they think you have or a live one.   My friend was beat bye a person holding 73 off suit and he could not believe it.  He said if the guy was playing with his own money and not a freeroll he would not have held 73 off suit.  I say maybe.  To me a bad beat is when you fold some pretty cards on a bluff so body pretending to have something good and all they have is air,  I try not to bluff to often but I have bluffed, its all a part of the game.  I don't like black jack for the simple reason that if you have a good had you may get frowned upon because your not supposed to play anything that might make the dealer win or what ever It seems like its a team effort thing against the dealer or whatever.  In a poker tournament my goal is to get to the end a winner, and when I lose I get disappointed I mean I'm human, but life goes on. So for you sore losers out there get a grip meditate and then get into another game take your time and try your best to win, and if you do come a cross a real donkey thank your lucky stars and turn the odds in your favor.