Everybody has upswings and downswings where they either can't lose or can't win. I feel for the people who have to listen to the complaints. What causes a complaint is when I feel bad about my results and then on top of that I feel bad for making a complaint. It seems though that after I make a complaint, I get it off my chest, my game changes and so far for the good. This time my ITM averages went up substantialy and then today so far out of 3 tourney's I have 3 ITM's. The last one more than doubled my bankroll which wasn't much so it isn't like I can now retire or even raise my level yet but my confidense level is a lot better. I think I might have reached a new level of play but to me at least as important is that I have started trying to only play in tourney's with the winnings of that day from the cash tables at least for now. So if I can make a couple of bucks on the cash table I can enter a cheap tourney. We'll see how that goes and hopefully build up my bankroll. Sorry to the guys that have to listen to me and all the others.