I think I have been letting it get to me and I need to watch that. Had a heart attack a few months ago and really don't want another one because it could be my last. I'm thinking I should handle the amount I am playing the same way I should handle money management. Controlled. Allowing myself to get upset because of the way others play is allowing others to control my game, and that is always disasterous. It makes me be in the wrong mindset which tempts me to play when I shouldn't,call when I shouldn't,play too many hands when I shouldn't and so on. In other words it makes me do all of the things I know are wrong when I know that even when you are doing everything right, you have to have luck along with it in order to win and even make it to the money. Taking a small break or at least slacking off a little can allow me to let the stress pass and reguvenate a positive frame of mind.