I was born in Ft.Worth Texas. And even though I didn't do well and finally quit high school,I maintained a 98 average in Real Estate college and passed my exam the first try which was something my father, who was president of the Ft.Worth Board of realtors, didn't do. I have been what you might call a jack of all trades since I have worked for around fifty different companies.Something I'm not proud of but has given me a very wide range of experience including certified dry cleaner,journeyman painter,Manager of ground crew and freight operation of small commuter airlines and Realtor just to name very few.
 Texas Hold-em has only been an interest to me for about three years, but when I got interested it, it became an obsession.One reason I have pushed so hard is because of the fact that I am a very late bloomer. In fact according to what I have read I should be on the downhill slope. I am afraid that is not acceptable to me. I am no stranger to competition. My first year and only year to compete in gymnastics I was third in state at 13 years old. Before that was on a swim team and swam 5 1/2 miles a day. An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. So you get my drift. I have and will always be happy for anyone that beats me at anything because I know how hard that will be.