Well I tried to cut back the freerolls but I just hoovered over them until I clicked to enter them. But got it down to 8 from 12.. Two reasons, 1st I've qualified for the 20K giveaway which I nearly won overall but got bad beat on river. 2nd the ukipt Nottingham freeroll qualify's you to a $108 seat which to play 2 tourny's to get that far takes some doing. So I entered the 1.10 pound re-buys to qualify for a 33pound seat which I did on 2nd try.
The wife is complaining about the amount of poker I am playing but what I've been doing is entering the $3 and $4 games to get some practise with a better standard of player. So I am holding my own with these goldstar and supanova's just falling short of itm both times I played. Need to learn to play the clock a bit more rather than just the cards. I saw there was a pokerstar pro in the UK/Ireland Div 2 game tonight .It would be funny if he was checking me out for this coop game hahaha.
 In these PSO game been early exits for me having lifted my standard of game I lose it with people going all in most of the time but tommorrow that is all I going to concentrate on the PSO league and the UK/Ire Div 2.nothing else just to see what I can do without 4 tables flashing infront of me .