Have you all noticed,all the freeroll good games are at the same time ..well last night I was registered for 12  games between 6.00pm and 9.00pm, I don't know why I do this ,it's just routine I suppose or when going out of tourny my attitude or there another I can try for; meanwhile you just spent 1and half hours getting close to bubble instead of trying that little harder there and making bubble. So from now on I am going to enter no more than 4 tournaments at a time .Another reason why I'm doing this is last night playing in Div 2 UK/Ireland League this guy just went in every hand and I just got that sick I called him on a stupid call and got knocked out.(old puppyeyes comming  back). In fact might get onto forum today and ask what the average tournaments entered at once. I need to break all these bad routines if I'm going to do anything in poker,screen flashing all over whilest playing an important game just doesn't make sense.
         My next problem is which direction do I go in.The Div 2 UK/Ireland League is a very friendly league and I,ve only missed 1 payday since joining always picking up 5 pounds at the end of month.Do I concentrate just on the PSO League and try get a good payday ,or do I just play these both and leave all the freebies $20K up for grabs etc. games alone.