After the 18th place in th PSO1K which was a bit of a shock to people and me .My game just improved leaps and bounds playing the PSO way. Tried for satelite to UKIPT Nottingham finished 6th with 4 seats up for grabs and 5th recieving 36pounds justed missed but knew where went wrong. Trieded for it again smaller field 3 seat to 44 pounds qualifier came 4th but got 16pounds for my troubles. Wow thought to myself this is good . So entered the 7.45pm UK/Ireland Div 2 game with this new style of playing ended 4th very unlucky with bad beat. wow what's happening thought to myself .previously had a go for coop but wasn't doing much and lost half my new  bankroll trying . So was a bit worried about losing the remainder  of my bankroll cos these games are re-buys and add ons etc. So thought to myself what the hell I feel good playing well lets gofor it. Guess what woke up this morning to thinkin g last night was a dream. I won the tourny and won myself a $350 seat in coop main event. After trying to tell the world about and still shaking 2 hours after, stayed up to try and redeem myself in the PSO league needing 20pts to get in top 1000 played all 6 games 1st lost minus then after that allpositive ....ended up in 620's. Wow what a last few days Ive had.