!st month in the PSO finished 508th..didn't know a lot about this new venture I was getting in volved with.
2nd month let my wife play early on in the league as I said didn't Know much about this PSO..Then I took over from wife at 1390pts ..Started to take a lot interest with the likes of league leader talking to me,it  was awesome and actually been nice towards me (thankyou Scorpius). So to get the pts back which my wife lost for me was like battling against winds and gales to no effect. Had lots of donk calling at me and other things by the same players but the more I played the better I was getting ..It was like PSO brainwashing me by donking me out playing my way , and I was actually scoring points playing their way..Start 3rd month ..started to brag how well I 'm going to do in the league , talking with Scorpius really when thinking about it showing him.not enough of the RESPECT he deserved. Soon got into old ways and losing points ..going all in on pair 7's etc...then something just clicked why am I playing this way one minute and my way next minute.Well I always played in the UK/Ireland Div 2 league at 7.45pm every night .well I kept going back to the way I always played which usually ended with me comming  back end of Top 100 and winning 5 pounds. So now evrything ahd fallen into place..started with me actually qualifing for the PSO1K ,this was big thing for me and wrote on forum saying this was big thing ..then that's when Darkman offered his support and wished me good luck etc., looked Darkman up in league Wow he was about 4th or 5th in league..big respect. Then after competeing and comming 18th in the PSO 1K winning the biggest ever payday on pokerstars for me things have just gotten better and better .. Must admit slipped back into old ways on 5 occassions ,which were picked up straight aways by players like REDLETTER and Filipe but I knew when and how to correct myself again to over ride this. With the support of  Darkman from the rails managed to get 18th well chuffed.